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Minecraft Duvet cover 140x200 + 70x90cm - cotton
Minecraft Duvet cover, Dynamite - 200 x 200 cm + 50 x 75 cm - Polycotton
Minecraft Creeper Fleece blanket - 100 x 150 cm - Polyester

Minecraft first came out in 2011. In this game, the world is yours. You come to life in an uninhabited world. You must survive on your own, trusting your own skills. The entire environment can be formed to your liking. Would you like to build a house? You should probably chop down a tree for the resources. Would you like to make a stone axe? You need stones first. This game is incredibly popular among many different ages. Even though the game came out a long time ago it is still updated weekly, great new features are added frequently.

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