Photo Wallpaper instructions Dutch

Please read instructions carefully before you start applying wallpaper


  1. Check all parts before applying, check how the picture fits together.
  2. All parts have an overlap of about 0.5 cm
  3. Prepare the wall, it should be smooth, even, dry and dust free
  4. Use a builders level, a ruler and a pencil. Marque the wall in the middle with a leveled cross, so you have a horizontal and vertical line as a guideline.
  5. Fix the glue. Pour glue the powder slowly into the water so it will be without lumps. Leave it for 20 minutes.
  6. Apply glue with wallpaper brush, spread it out evenly on the first part only, so not on the wall. Leave it for 2 minutes. The paper will expand a bit. Apply it on the right spot of the wall.
  7. Swipe carefully from the center to the edge and from top to bottom with a somewhat wet sponge. Do not rub to hard otherwise the paper will stretch too much and the parts won’t fit anymore. Small air sections will disappear after drying.
  8. Apply glue on second part, repeat steps above and make sure you overlap the parts with about 0.5 cm.


4 parts                                                           2 parts

Part A left under                                            Part A under
Part B right under                                          Part B upper
Part C upper left
Part D upper right

These instructions only apply for wallpaper in the sizes: 315 x 232 cm, 232 x 158 cm en 210 x 95 cm. These instructions are not suitable for the NON-WOVEN variants. For all other variants please use the enclosed instructions.

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