Disney Vaiana

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Disney Vaiana beach towel 140x70 cm - Cotton
Disney Vaiana Beach Towel - 70 x 140 - Polyester
Disney Vaiana Beach Towel - 75 x 150 cm - 100% cotton
Vaiana Aloha Cushion 40x40cm 100% Polyester
Disney Vaiana Beachtowel Summer - 70x140cm - Cotton
Disney Vaiana Beach Towel Aloha 70x120cm
Disney Vaiana Bedspread - 140 x 200 cm - Polyester
Disney Vaiana Duvet cover Pua - 140x200 cm / 63x63cm - polyester
Disney Moana Lunch set - 3 pieces
Vaiana is a new animated film of Disney, which will get released in the cinema's in November 2016. The film is about an adventurous teenager who sails across the ocean with the help of demigod Maui to prove herself as a great navigator and to save her people. Her mission is to restore the tradititions of her ancestors.
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