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Smiley Backpack 30cm
Smiley Trolley 43cm
Smiley Cocktail Beach Towel 75x150 cm 100% cotton
Smiley set Duvet cover + pillow + pillow case
€49,95 €34,95
Wallet smiley happy times 13 cm
Smiley Purse Black 13 cm
Smiley Wallet blue 13 cm
Smiley Duvet Positive 140x200 + 63x63cm Poly Cotton 60% cotton / 40% polyester
Smiley Beach Towel Hawai
Smiley Wallet pink 13 cm
Smiley Fitted Pyramid 90x200cm 100% cotton
Smiley Wallet keep on smiling 13 cm
Smiley Fitted Positive 140x190 polycotton 60% cotton / 40% polyester
Smiley Fitted Positive 90x190cm polycotton 60% cotton / 40% polyester
Evidence of the use of the smiley dates back to 1900, in a letter from the poet Johannes V. Jensen. However, not until 1962 was it that the smiley face for the first time was really made popular by the New York radio station WMCA. Here a bell contest was held with the mission to pick up the phone with "WMCA, good guys." As a prize, they got a sweater that says "WMCA good guys" and the now famous smiley on it.

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